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Congratulations! -- You're getting married!  This is a very exciting, and stressful, time for you and your fiancé.  Let Elegant Sounds ease your worries about hiring the right DJ & MC company for your wedding.

 "The DJ can make or break your event!" -- You've heard that countless times as you begin to plan your special day - the day you've long dreamed of - and it is very true.  Go on, think about the last wedding you attended as a guest.  Do you remember what was served for dinner or what the centerpieces looked like?  Probably not.  Did you have fun?  Everyone can answer that question even years after attending a wedding, long after they've forgotten that the chicken was extra flavorful or the cake was especially moist.   In fact, after their wedding, most brides (about 85%) say they would have spent more time, energy and money selecting their entertainment than they did during the planning process.

With Elegant Sounds, you know you are getting a professional DJ & MC company with over 10 years experience.  We not only play music, but we collaborate with you every step of the way to help create a wedding that combines both of your styles into a once-in-a-lifetime party that will become a lifelong memory for you, your spouse and your guests. 

At Elegant Sounds, we meet with you on several occasions to discuss and plan everything from the timeline of events to the songs you absolutely want to hear (and even the ones you don't).  We walk you through each step of your wedding, from your first steps down the aisle to the final song of the night.  We do this so when your blissful day arrives, you know exactly what to expect.  You can relax and enjoy your wedding because you know Elegant Sounds is there, coordinating with your vendors to make sure your photographer is there and ready to capture your first dance and the champagne is poured for the toast.  We know it takes a lot of work to turn your dream wedding into a reality...we also know it all starts by listening to you!  Best of all, the planning sessions and vendor coordination is included, free of charge, in every wedding package!

We understand that no two weddings are alike and therefore, we custom design every wedding package to fit your needs, your style & your budget.  All packages include a professional grade sound system, wireless microphone, professional DJ/MC, planning sessions, vendor coordination & fully digital music collection of over 50,000 songs. 

    We also offer a wide variety of elegant add-ons including:
               1st Dance On The Clouds
               Accent Lighting (up, down, spot & table lighting available)
               Ceremony Package (including an audio CD of your ceremony)
               Dance Floor Lighting
               Elegant Messages
               Monogram Lighting
               Upgraded Sound System (recommended for 150+ guests)
               & More...

Take a look at the photos below to see how some of our add-ons can help create the wedding of your dreams.  When you are ready, contact us to book your free no-obligation consultation where we will custom design a wedding package just for you!

      Before                                                   After             

          Table Lighting                                  Monogram Lighting       

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