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Do you offer a written contract?

Absolutely! Any professional entertainment company should. At Elegant Sounds, our contract spells out all the details of your event, what is included in the custom event package we have created for you & the payment option you have selected.

May we meet with you in person before signing a contract?

Yes! In fact, we won't send you a contract without meeting first. During that meeting, we discuss the details of your event to help create & design a package that will make your event memorable. The best part is, that meeting is 100% free with no-obligation to you! 

How long will you hold my date?

After we meet for your free consultation, Elegant Sounds will hold your date - free of charge - for one (1) week. This will give you time to look over the contract and make a decision without fear of losing your date. After the week, if you choose to book with Elegant Sounds, a signed contract and booking fee lock-in your date; otherwise, your date becomes open for other bookings.

How much is the booking fee to secure my date?

Typically, the booking fee is 1/3 of the total cost. The booking fee is due at the time you sign the contract and is payable by check, cash or credit card.

Will we meet again before my event?

Absolutely! With every package Elegant Sounds designs, we include 3 in-depth consultations. The first one is all about planning and timelines, the second one is all about music and the third is to make sure no detail has been over-looked. We do this so that by the time your event arrives, you know Elegant Sounds will be working hard with your other vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly.

How much do you charge & what's included in the cost of my event?

Well, that really depends on what your event needs and what options you would like. Every Elegant Sounds package includes: Professional grade sound system, Wireless microphone, Professional DJ/MC, Planning sessions, Vendor coordination & Fully digital music collection of over 50,000 songs. From that point, we add features to make your event truly memorable. Contact us so that we may design an event package just for you!

Do you take requests from the guests?

Yes we do. Your guests can request songs at your event if you would like, or they can come to our website and submit their requests in advance. This allows us to screen any requests with you ahead of time, as well as make sure we have the requests in our collection of music. Not only do we take requests from your guests, but we also take them from you! During our music meeting, we will discuss songs that you absolutely want to hear at your event as well as those you don't want played at all.

Will you be the DJ at my event?

Yes. From your free consultation to the final song of the night, you will be working and building a relationship with the DJ/MC that will perform at your function.

Do you act as the MC and make all the announcements?

Absolutely. The only time we don't is if you have someone you would like to MC, for example, your company awards banquet.

What will you wear to our event?

This really depends on the function and what you would prefer. Elegant Sounds has guidelines we follow depending on the function, for example, at a wedding we wear a full tuxedo whereas a corporate event may be a full tuxedo or coat and tie. If you have a theme to your function, like a luau or 50's sock hop, we can accommodate that as well.

When do you arrive to set up?

We will coordinate with your venue to secure a set up time that is appropriate for your event. What you select for your event package will determine how much set up time is needed. Elegant Sounds will always arrive at least 1 1/2 hours prior to your event to set up and ensure everything is working properly before the first guest arrives.

What if something happens and you can't make it to my event?

There is an entire section in our contract about this. In the event that something drastic happens and we can't perform at your event, you will be given as much notice as possible and allowed to select another DJ/MC whether it be from Elegant Sounds or another company we suggest for you.

Are you insured?

Yes, and we can show proof of insurance to your venue if they require it.

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